Sunday, May 10, 2009

Samsung SCX -4300 error

Samsung SCX -4300 error

It must be "1.13fix" not "1.13"! Let's start again. To solve problem you need to download PATCHED by scx4300.exe 1.13 firmware where additional reset procedure was implemented in.

To patch firmware you need to unpack archive in any folder then open commad line interface go to this folder then type "fix4300.exe SCX4300_V1.13_Fact_romdl.hd". If no error occurs you will find file "FIX_SCX4300_V1.13_Fact_romdl.hd". It's a patched firmware. The next step is to download this file to printer.

Enter TECH mode, activate download by "Menu > Data Setup > Flash Upgrade > Local [OK]" then type in command line "usbprns2.exe FIX_SCX4300_V1.13_Fact_romdl.hd" to start download. During download printer displays:
Data receiving > Flash erasing > Flash Programming > Checksumming > Download Ok then printer will restart. It's all.

To reset all counters and unblock printer enter Tech mode go Data Setup > Clear counters. In this menu you will find "Clear All CNT" instead of "Total Page CNT". Choose "Clear All CNT" then press [OK]. Printer will display "warming up" and LED will yellow for seconds then change to green.

After reset all counters in report will be zero and toner 100%. You may repeat this procedure as soon as you need.

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