Sunday, April 26, 2009

Brother HL-2040 stops when toner low

The only lame person on this thread is the person who wants to pick on others and doesnt have the guts to post his or her name.
Wow that must take real balls why dont you give us your name and number so we can tell you what we think of you ruining this post for others. If you dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all.

i'm not a brother employee too. i just fix printers.

i agreed with the person above that brother didn't do that on purpose. but, they're just being stupid :)

warning the user that toner is running low is good. but stopping the machine is silly.

with the cartridge still able to produce hundreds of perfect copies after it was supposely low, i can't blame ppl for getting red eyes.

if you said it was just an oversight by brother, then why the hell they still keep doing it model after model?

the toner detection method might not be perfect, but it's just a firmware change to correct the stopping problem, no?