Saturday, April 25, 2009

Can't open up HP Director

I have reinstalled the driver for my 2210 all-in-one. Everything is working fine except that I can't open up the HP Director. I can open up the HP Photo & Imaging Gallery. Can I somehow just reinstall the hpqdirec.exe without reinstalling everything over again? I can see both the hpqthb08 and hpqdirec icons in my Program Files/Hewlett-Packard/Digital Imaging/bin

1- unplug the power supply to your printer.
2- turn off completly your computer from start menu.
3- and leave both for a while (5 minutes).
4- turn computer on and wait untill you see your desktop.
5 reconnect power supply to your printer.
6- put paper in document feeder to test.
7- let me know if it worked.