Thursday, April 23, 2009

Samsung CLP-500 - Waste Toner Sensor Replacement

I recently aquired a Samsung CLP-500. I got it free with full toner cartridges and was told it needed a little work. I have gotten everything fixed and working after a few days except the last message that is coming up, "Waste Toner Tank Full/Not Install." I have followed the guides on how to clean the waste toner tank and it is clear as can be. That led me to the next logical thing, checking the sensor itself. It turns out that the sensor has just gone bad. I verified this by manually moving the black lever that covers the sensor (and covering the waste toner release wheels). Even after this, with nothing obstructing the sensor, it still has the error. Once in awhile the printer will say "Ready" for a few seconds then goes back to the error message. Mainly what I'm wondering is if anyone has found a place to buy a new sensor or if anyone has a new one they are willing to sell. I would try Samsung, but the warranty on the printer is no longer effective and I don't have the receipts for the printer anyways. Please let me know of a place to pick up on of these sensors as I would really love to get this printer working.

I concur. I have independently and sucessfully removed the intruding plastic of the waste toner compartment and sealed the removed area. I used a Dremel high speed drill (30,000 rpm) and a special cutter to remove the offending plastic in seconds. Then I resealed using tape.

As far as I can determine, the problems is that the infra red emitter is degrading with time and this is coupled with the cadmium sulphide sensor degrading also, due to toner dust. The degradation of the emitter is I suspect, a design flaw.

Once I completed this I have had no further problems - you just need to check the waste toner bin occasionally to make sure it is not full.

This simple procedure will help to avoid scrapping off what is a perfectly good printer!