Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dell 1700 with paper jams

The only reason turning over the rubber on the feed wheels is because they are clean on the other side! Clean off the paper dust and they will feed with no problems. Also, the pinch rollers under the toner cartridge are as smooth as glass. Do you really expect them to grab the paper and pull it through the printer?? HELL NO!! Take a piece of sandpaper and rough up the top pinch rollers. Don’t go crazy, just remove the glossy glaze so that they can grip the paper a little better. Also, notice that there is a paper stop between the pinch rollers.

Do yourself another favor and tape them down or stretch out the spring underneath a little. (be sure your don’t tape the jam sensor) These are used to align the paper before printing. Who cares if it is 1/16 of an inch (or less) off. Just put the toner on the paper and that is all I ask. If you still have a problem and you have even turned over the curled paper in the tray, then go buy a Dell 1720. They don’t jam like the 1700’s do.

For one that does not even ATTEMPT to pick up paper.

Remove Left side panel. (left side facing the front of the printer). The one with the button hole in it. There is a screw in the front of it to remove, you will see it with the toner door open, about halfway down. and two tabs to push in, it swings out on hinge pins on the rear of the printer. Gently pry it off the bottom hinge pin, then the top one. This is easier to do with the back door open.

There are two solenoids, electric switches, near the bottom of the inside panel, they are located below the gear drives which are behind a guard. The one that is lowest and sits level is the paper feed solenoid, it activates the paper feed roller in the drawer. Spray it with Electrical Contact cleaner.
Now, with the paper drawer and the toner door closed, gently push it a few times to "loosen it up". With the side cover still removed make sure it "activates" to pick up a test sheet. It should make a quiet clicking sound when it activates. While your in here, blow out the gears with "canned air".

The solenoid should now work, and the paper SHOULD feed, depending how dirty it is, it may need to be cleaned/sprayed more than once. The door can be a pain to get back installed and shut, put the top hinge pin on first then open the toner door and make sure that the tabs are in front of and behind the metal side panel correctly.

Disclaimer: Electrical components can be dangerous to work in while the printer is plugged in. Use caution when working on a live circuit. (this fix is minor though)