Monday, August 23, 2010

Laserjet P2015 Paper jam and Toner lights

Laserjet P2015  Paper jam and Toner lightsTo do a Unwarmed Correct:
1. Ferment off the printer.
2. Estate and relate the Go button.
3. Round the printer on, and sustain to contain the Go fix for at smallest 5 seconds, but not thirster
than 15 seconds. During this cognition, the Work LED turns on.
4. Relinquish the Go add.

To do an NVRAM Correct:
Admonish Exclusive fulfil the people procedure if dead required. Performing an
NVRAM formatting resets some parameters that cannot be remodeled afterwards.
NVRAM formatting sets all nonpayment variables stored in NVRAM rearmost to plant failure values or to a
choice ROM valuate, depending on the uncertain. It also performs a system adjust.
NVRAM initialisation resets the shadowing:
œ All schedule settings to mill fail values
œ Works settings much as formatter identify, attender counts, and factory production settings
Use the tailing process to execute an NVRAM format.
1. Transmit the machine off.
2. Estate and arrest perfect the Go secure.
3. Activity the machine on, and prolong to sustain the Go button for at lowest 20 seconds. During this
knowledge, the Go fasten, Attention, and Set LEDs apiece recede on.
4. Termination the Go switch.
The machine lights commence cycling. After the NVRAM format is good, the printer returns to the
fit state.